• Are distilled wines.

  • The Quality of Brandy Using Star Code

  • Can be used to distillates of grapes or distillates from any fermented fruits.

  • Carlos I:  from Spain. Flavors walnuts, pipe, tobacco with full bodied , rich texture.

  • Metaxa 5 Stars:  from Greece.  Smooth, gold colored brandy.  Brandy is an easy way to end a meal of too much food. Lepanto – from Spain.  Fragrant aroma with hints of vanilla, oak, raisins, spice and dry sherry.

Armagnac : Brandy made in Armagnac Region (Single destillation)

Cognac : Once the Cognac is transferred from the barrel to the bottle the Cognac stop aging (Double destillation)

Cocktail and tips

  • Cocktail base of Brandy : Brandy Alexander, Side Care , Stinger)

  • Best Time to Recommend Brandy : After Dinner .


  • Cointrau : Base cognac flavour orange from france

  • Dom benedictin : Base cognac flavour herb (DOM) Deo Optimo Maximo

  • Grand Marnier : Base cognac flavour heater orange

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