Is made from distilled mollases a sticky syrup that result when sugar cane is boiled down. It's aged in stainless steel tank reamins colorless. Most light Rum come from Puerto Rico and most dark Rum is From Jamaica but originally from Cuba, it has a very strong flavor and mixes well with fruit juice and it's agreat day drink

Origin of Rum :

  • Sugar cane, a member of the grass family, grew wild in India, New Guinea, and China

  • First fermented in India First distilled in Egypt Brought to Europe by Alexander the Great and called “the reed which gives honey without the help of bees”

  • Columbus took sugar cane from the Canary Islands on his second expedition and planted in Puerto Rico

Cocktail and tips


  • Name derived from the African word mojo, meaning to cast a little spell

  • Cuba's oldest cocktail, created in 1856 when Sir Frances Drake visited Havana

Piña Colada

  • On August 15th, 1954, created by bartender Ramon Marrero at the El Caribe Hilton in San Juan

  • More than 200 million Piña Coladas have been served internationally since


Tia Maria : Base mayesr rum flavour coffee

Explanation of Rum :