GIN is a flavor white spirit made from distilled fermented grain (corn, barley, oats or rye) and flavored primarily with Juniper berries is's from England and becomes their national drink

History of GIN :

  • Gin first originated in the 17th century by Dr. Sylvius, a professor of Medicine.  He used the juniper berry known as “junipers” because he thought it could assist in the care of bladder problems.  British soldiers sampled this and called it the “Dutch Courage.”  They brought the recipe home and they called it gin.  

  • It became the national drink of England, which had established over 7000 gin distilleries alone at that time.

  • No aging is therefore required.  Gin is ready to be bottled and enjoyed as soon as the distillation cycle is finished.

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Cocktail and tips

Cocktail base of Gin : Martini ( Gin and Dry Vermouth ), Gibson, Gimlet, Negroni, Singapore Sling

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Explaination of Gin :