• Scotch whiskies are generally distilled twice and matured in Scotland for at least three years in oak casks.  

  • There are three types of scotch whisky  : Blended, Deluxe Blended Whisky & Single malt

Blended whisky : A Blended whisky is a mixture of malt and grain whiskies. The whiskies can be blended from as many as 15-50 different distilleries. Around 95 blended whiskies are from scotland.

Deluxe whiskies : A deluxe whisky contain more than 45% of pot still malts and aged for minimum of 12 yrs.

Single of whisky : Single Malt whisky is from a single distillery, but will usually contain whisky from many casks, so the blender can achieve a taste recognisable as typical of the distillery (unless the whisky is described as "single-cask"). In most cases, the name of the whisky will be that of the distillery

Cocktail and tips

Cocktail Base On scotch Whiskey : Rusty Nail, Rob Roy, Rock,Neat, Mitsuary (w&w)


Drambuie : Base scotch flavour heater honey

Explanation of Whiskey