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Work Experience
Pande Indra Bagus Ariawangsa
4,9 years
• I have been worked at Jungle Juice restaurant as a Bartender, since February 21st 2018 until present. Responsibility: set up the bar, cleaning the bar, check temperature fridge, check expired cutting garnish and fresh fruits, make a fresh juice and mixing drinks. • I have been worked at the Celebrity Cruise Line as a Bartender Utility, since June 27th 2015 until January 21rd 2018. Responsibility: Bring requestion, set up party, help a bartender, and closing the bar. • I have been worked at The Stones as a Bartender, since August 4th 2014 until April 5th 2015. Responsibility: set up 3 bar, prepare garnish and all drink, check expired date milk and juices, make inventory alcoholic and fruit, make cocktail and moktail. • I have been worked at StakZ bar & Grill as a bartender, since May 26th 2013 – August 27th 2013. Responsibility: cleaning bar areas, prepare the fruits salad & all drink.
I Kadek Juliarta
6,3 years
5th of April 2016 – Present as Bartender at Ji Restaurant Bali 22nd of July 2015 - 31st of march 2016 as Bartender Urchin Grill&Raw Bar Seminyak 8th of december 2014 - 7th of June 2015 as Tranning waiter and bartender at Kuta Paradiso Hotel 25th of May 2013 - 25th of August 2013 as Training waiter at GoodWay Hotel Nusa Dua
I Ketut Gede Darma Yuda
4.5 years
• I work at DD Jungle Villa as Cook since 20 March 2019 until now • I have been working at Bali Buda Ubud as cook since 2 September 2017 until 31 December 2018 • I have been working at Bali Spirited Hotel as Housekeeping since 12 August 2014 until 12 November 2014
I Kadek Bayu Santana
12 years
Assistant Waiter
* 11 June 2014 – 12 January 2019 as Restaurant Steward at Dunia Baru Adventures *26 January 2010 – 14 May 2014 as Assistant Restaurant Steward at AIDA CRUISES *28 October 2007 until 28 October 2009 as Waiter at Celsius Café *22nd January to 16th July 2007 as Training as Assistant Tour and Travel at Bagus Discovery
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