PTS has a diverse and  highly skilled qualified team  with demonstrated experience in cruise industry, hospitality and recruitment, selection and talent acquisition.
Since 2008, Lilik has managed the administrative staff of the recruitment agency founded by her husband, Mr Sudi Artawan.
In 2013, Sudi and Lilik decided to open an additional agency to support the needs of their clients. Sudi has over 20 years’ experience in the cruise line and hospitality industry is as an Operational Client Industry advisor to PTS and is always on hand to provide professional support and advice to both Lilik and team. Lilik, is the Director of PT. Saraswati Manajemen; running the daily operations of the agency, maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity of the processes established from all the years of experience.
Kusuma is the Assistant Director of PT. SARASWATI MANAGEMENT. Before, she worked for one of the best cruise line agency in Indonesia as Assistant Operations Manager. During her 6 years working in PT. Ratu Oceania Raya Bali, her responsibilities included managing all principal/client communication in regards to full recruitment process, from sourcing of candidates, to interview selection, processing and placement. Before this role, Kusuma was a Human Resources Coordinator where she directed the activity of the staff at PT. Ratu Oceania Raya Bali. Kusuma holds a Bachelor's degree in the English Department from Udayana University.
Assistant Director
Recruitment/Talent Specialist
Tangkas has 13 years of experience working onboard in Celebrity Cruise Line since 2000, in the Food & Beverage Department as Head Waiter.  He has 3 years of experience interviewing and recruiting candidates both PT Ratu Oceania Raya  and as trainer and leader at SD Development School.
Recruitment/Talent Specialist- Culinary
Mr. Wayan Gelgel has 14 years Culinary experience working as Sous Chef and Chef Instructor at 5 star hotel (Four Season Resort). He has 2 years of experience working onboard in Carnival Cruise Line since 1992 in Culinary Department before returning home Bali to take up leadership position in Galley at Four Seasons. 
Wayan has been working at PT.SARASWATI Recruiting in Galley Department Feb 2019 based on high need for culinary crew in the industry.

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