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PTS (PT. Saraswati Manajemen) is a Recruitment Agency with a difference! We are committed to providing highest quality service to both our clients and candidates by offering a complete one-stop service comprising of training, skill enhancement programs, industry experience and talent sourcing/placement agency, all serviced by our dedicated team.  


Our holistic approach is candidate centric, allowing candidates access to full educational learning programs, enhanced skill development "top up programs" or additional hands on the job training, coaching and mentoring. All programs are designed to make candidates both ''job ready" and with industry experienced for client selection and placement. Our aim is to provide tailored individual options to all candidates irrespective of skills sets and offer each individual the best possible career pathway to ensure we set them up for success!!

PTS  team works with TIPS (To Improve Proper Skill in Hospitality Industry) our education provider for ongoing learning and training opportunities for our candidates.  This is coupled with "on the job" hospitality experience in our training restaurants  KTS Resort, Villa and Captain's Table.

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