Goal Of Care And Love Cooperation are : 


  1. Opening LPK Monarch Bali (Hospitality And Cruise line Training Centre) to help young  generation who graduated from high school to learn in hospitality industry (

  2. Opening resort (KTS BALI) and restaurant (CAPTAINS TABLE) to provide a place for training and work for the student who are graduated from MONARCH BALI and other tourism school. (

  3. Opening TIPS (To Improve Proper Skill in Hospitality Industry)  for upgrading the skill and knowledge for those students, workers or someone who wants to learn hospitality knowledge with short program and affordable. (

  4. Opening the recruiting agency (PT. Saraswati Manajemen) to deliver the students who has experience in hospitality such as Hotel, Villa, Restaurant to work in Cruise line company. (

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Sudi was choosen by Bali Government and Tourism Department becomes sales person to Europe in the tourism sales mission to promote Tourism in Bali in 2018 (vice mayor Badung regency, Bali chairman tourism, head tourism department)